MaryCatherine SSG

A founding member of The Sisters of Saint Gregory, Sr.  Lillian Marie made her Life Vows in 1999. Now retired, Sr. Lillian Maria is a former Community Leader. She currently resides in New Jersey.

   Eugenia Theresa SSG

Carin Bridgit SSG

Sr. MaryCatherine is a retired elementary teacher living in Southern Ontario, Canada. She is also a Deacon in the Anglican Church of Canada. She is currently the Community Administrator, as well as the editor of the Community's online newsletter, The Dove.  Her interests include music, gardening, reading, and spending time with her two granddaughters.

Lillian Marie SSG

Formerly from New York state, Sr. Eugenia Theresa now lives in Nevada.  She is a Deacon in the Episcopal Church, and currently serves as the Pastoral Director for the SSG Community.

Thea Joy lives in Central California.  A priest in the Episcopal Church USA, she also is a semi-retired researcher and professor of religious and cultural studies. She enjoys writing, reading, gardening, and crafting.

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Connie Jo SSG

Cindy  p/SSG

 Mary Ann SSG

Sr. Mary Ann is a retired Information Technology analyst living in Illinois. She currently is the Vocations and Formation Director for the Community, and a retired Deacon in the Episcopal Church. Her interests are pastoral ministry, reading, and spending time with her three cats.

Thea Joy  n/SSG

Sr. Connie Jo is a retired Pediatrician/Neonatologist who lives in Ohio. She is a Deacon in the Episcopal Church. Her passion is serving GOD's Children as a Pediatrician in a small village in Guatemala when GOD and time allows. She also serves the Latino community in her parish. She enjoys working out with her Ohio State All American Trainer at the YMCA and riding her bicycle. She even participates in the annual Tour de Donut! She loves historical novels.

Charlie  p/SSG

Soli Deo Gloria