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A Sister shall make a careful examination of conscience as to the observance of the Rule and shall report in writing to the Sister assigned to Pastoral Care at each Embertide.  She shall heed any counsel that may be given to her as a result of this report.

‚ÄčAll Sisters shall attend annual convocation.  Sisters shall also be alert to the possibility of a call to an individual retreat.


It is the obligation of the Sisters to empower every Sister in her own witness to the Gospel.  Every Sister is vital to the community and is an integral member of the body.  let none be lost through negligence, ignorance or pride, but let each be continually fortified and strengthened with Christ's love toward one another.


Work is our share in creation and makes us partners with God in that creation.  This makes work sanctified.  All labor is equal in glory, honor and importance.  Keeping in mind that all talents are gifts of the Holy Spirit, the work of all Sisters must be to the greater glory of God.  Work is an oblation to God, as is active service to others.  We give with joy the best that we can offer.


It shall be the objective of a Sister to live every moment deliberately and actively, corporately and singly.  She shall strive to be an example of the common motto of both the Sisters and their founder, The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory:  "Soli Deo Gloria - To God alone the glory," that those who know her example may be brought the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A Sister must endeavor to witness to our Redeemer's love with quietness, patience, humility, charity, courage and prayer.  She shall seek to meet and serve the Lord in each person whom she encounters, always revering the Spirit dwelling in the other.  A Sister will acknowledge God's love for her by taking time to care for herself.  She will be mindful that a life lived to the glory of God is one that is balanced.  A Sister cares for body, mind and spirit and observes Sabbath rest.

Soli Deo Gloria

A sister is required to meditate each day. She shall set aside time each week for the study of Holy Scripture or other material on the spiritual life. The example and teachings of our patron, Saint Gregory the Great, shall be held in high esteem by each sister. A portion of his writings or biography shall be in the annual reading of each sister. The strength of the Sisters of Saint Gregory is dependent on the prayer life of each sister.


It is the obligation of the Sisters to witness to the love of God in Christ Jesus, which as been freely bestowed upon us and upon all creation.  This witness grows and is nurtured by a life in conversation with God, and is nourished daily by active prayer and meditation while living fully in the secular world.  A Sister will develop the talents given to her by God for service in the work and worship of the Church.  A Sister will use these talents to the best of her ability in the ministry to which she is called.


It is the obligation of each Sister to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist at least once per week, and daily when possible.  A Sister is obligated to pray the Offices daily.  The Book of Common Prayer shall be used for this purpose.



A Sister makes the vow of poverty as an acknowledgement of God's abundance.  She abandons the illusion of ownership.  All things come from God, even life itself.  She strives to develop a generosity of spirit that glorifies God.  As a sign of her gratitude for all the gifts God has given her, she dedicates a major potion of the fruit of her labor to the Church and to the Sisters.


A Sister makes the vow of chastity as an acknowledgement of God's love.  She makes the decision to live with all in love, with respect for each person's integrity.  Chastity is not a denial of one's sexuality and capacity for love, but a dedication of the whole self to God.  She strives to be free to love others without trying to possess or control.


A Sister makes the vow of obedience to Jesus Christ as her only Lord and Savior, to the discipline of the Episcopal Church, the provisions of the Rule of the Sisters and to the Superior and other pastoral officials as appropriate.