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The Sisters of Saint Gregory welcome both men and women who desire to live the Christian life in special association with the SSG Community. SSG Associates have a vital interest in the well-being of the Sisters, and support their life and ministries with prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts.

The Community recognizes SSG Associates as partners in the Gospel life, and pray for them by name daily. Together with the Sisters, the SSG Associates form an extended family of faithful companions abiding in Christ, and seeking to live their lives following a spirit of devotion – Soli Deo Gloria - To God Alone the Glory.

Associates of The Sisters of Saint Gregory seek to live an ordered life of prayer and service, and follow a Rule of Life which expresses a common commitment to faithful discipleship. The purpose of the Rule is to bring a rhythm, order, and balance to one’s life as a disciple of Christ. The Rule helps one to offer the whole of themselves to God each day. Associates are encouraged to adapt the Rule to their particular life circumstances, reflecting on how they will endeavor to live out the Rule.

The bond between Associates and Sisters is spiritual and personal. Both seek to maintain their personal connection with one another through prayer, social media, individual letters or email, phone or Zoom calls, newsletters, by attending annual convocation when possible, and by keeping up to date with the life and ministry of the Community.