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                                                                                                         The Sisters of Saint Gregory                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Associates Rule

The Associates and Sisters are united in mutual bonds of prayer. Members promise to pray for the Community every day, commending to the love of God, the Sisters, and those they are called to serve. Members are also encouraged to pray the Offices of Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer or Compline as they are able.
Annual Commitment
Members reaffirm their relationship with the Community and their commitment to the Rule annually in writing to the Director of Associates. A member shall reflect as to their observance of the Rule, and shall report in writing to the Pastoral Care Director at least once a year, usually during Lent. It is suggested that each member maintain a regular relationship with a Spiritual Director.
The vocation of all Christians is to share and strengthen the common life in the Body of Christ. Each member is expected to be a congregant of a worshiping community and to contribute to its life and ministry. Our worship of God finds its fullest expression in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Members should participate in the Holy Eucharist on a regular basis, normally every Sunday and on other major celebrations of the Christian year. Those members who belong to Christian denominations which offer fewer opportunities for eucharistic worship should commit to the regular worship tradition of their community.
Members express their gratitude for God’s many gifts by offering their time, talent and treasure as life circumstances allow. Through prayer and consultation with others, members endeavor to discern ways of using their gifts, abilities and interests in the service of others. Mindful of the needs of the Church, the SSG Community ministries, and Our Lord’s teaching to care for one another, members seek ways of embracing simplicity and good stewardship of their resources, avoiding waste and extravagance in their lives, and finding ways to embody Christ’s spirit of love and generosity.
A member acknowledges God’s love for them by taking time to care for themselves.  They are mindful that a life lived to the glory of God is one that is balanced.  A member cares for body, mind and spirit and observes Sabbath rest. In their daily life, members seek ways to nurture the relationships that God has given them, devoting time and energy to enrich relationships with friends, members of their families, spouses or partners.
Through regular reading and study, members develop their understanding of the Christian faith, deepen their knowledge of the Scriptures, and nurture their spiritual growth. A member is encouraged to meditate each day, and set aside time each week for the study of Holy Scripture or other material on the spiritual life. This should include an overview of the life and teachings of our patron, Saint Gregory the Great.
Times of retreat enable us to draw nearer to God free from worldly distractions. All members are urged to make some form of retreat at least once every year to deepen their life in Christ. When circumstances prevent this, a member may choose to observe several quiet days in the year, withdrawing from their usual activities in order to allow time for prayer, stillness, reflection, and spiritual reading. Members are invited to attend the Community’s Annual Convocation if possible.