Dear friends,

​If you are reading these pages you are either familiar with the life and ministry of the Sisters of Saint Gregory or you are desiring to learn more. Either way, I consider you blessed to be here.

I have been the Episcopal Visitor to the Sisters of Saint Gregory for several years, following the great ministries of my Sister Bishops, Catherine Roskum and Carolyn Tanner Irish.  I will confess, I did not know what to expect when I first met the Sisters. What I found in their community is the blessing of new friends and a community of prayer.

Archbishop Welby has said, "conversation comes from prayer by a fragile people of Christ who pray to a faithful God who sends us a  comforter. In an obedient community of faith, full of love for one another, the Father sends the Spirit in response to the Son, there is a realization, as Jesus says in John 14, of truth that grows deeper and deeper and lives out in our inner being, and the fruit of that peace does not leave us ( March 28, 2014). The Sisters of Saint Gregory is such a community of faith.

We gather once a year in chapter meetings to pray together and to reconnect in person with one another and our ministries. These meetings are defined by prayer, Eucharist and conversation about our lives as Christians. The Sisters share their joys and challenges and all are brought to a deeper understanding of the blessing of serving God's mission in the world. This mission is held by prayer and lived in word and action.

We occasionally check in by phone or email during the year, but this community is truly held together by its faithful prayer for one another and the ways this prayer and the relationships that have been created support one another's life and ministry in the world.

As the Church, as institution, explores how best to participate in God’s mission in the world, drawing on the prayer and wisdom of our religious communities will be important. As religious communities explore how to best participate in this mission, new and innovative ways of being in community will need to be explored.

The Sisters of Saint Gregory present such a nimble model.  Their flexibility and continued exploration of how to grow deeper in their faith and their expression of that faith, can offer insights to all the people of God.

Be assured of my prayers for you as you learn more about this faithful religious community. Bless you in your journey and please be in touch with Sr. Laurie Joseph, the community leader, if you have any questions and wish to consider further discernment.


The Rt. Rev. Laura Ahrens
Bishop Suffragan
​The Episcopal Church in Connecticut

A Greeting from Our Third Bishop Visitor, The Rt. Rev. Laura Ahrens,

 Bishop Suffragan, The Episcopal Church in Connecticut

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Soli Deo Gloria